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成立于1936年 有远见的保育人士, the 国家野生动物联盟 is America's largest and most trusted wildlife conservation and 教育 organization. What began as a conference to unite conservationists has grown into a federation that works closely with regional centers, 州和地区附属机构, 项目办公室, 以及全国各地的合作伙伴.

最准足球推荐 has a rich history of success in conservation and continues to be a strong voice for wildlife. 最有价值的资产 最准足球推荐的使命 是最准足球推荐的员工, who exemplify our core values of collaboration, 赋权, 包容性, 正念, and taking pride in 最准足球推荐的使命 of “uniting all Americans to ensure wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world.“在最准足球推荐, 最准足球推荐的大厅充满了关怀, committed individuals with a passion for the preservation and protection of wildlife and wild places.

Inventiveness is one of the hallmarks of the 国家野生动物联盟. Our environment supports growth and innovation, and we ardently support individual talents. Our environment is also one of employee and workplace safety, 尊严和尊重, 企业社会责任, 以及积极的员工士气. We promote a healthy work/life balance that creates time for family, 朋友, 和大自然的联系.


Diversity at the 国家野生动物联盟

在最准足球推荐, diversity means understanding and valuing each other’s perspectives. We aspire to be an inclusive multicultural organization that brings together and celebrates the rich dimensions of diversity. 在最准足球推荐的领导下 Diversity, 股本, Inclusion, and 正义 (DEIJ) 指导委员会, we are committed to integrating these core values more deeply into all elements of our daily work.


在最准足球推荐 we strive to give our employees the kinds of benefits they need to support their work and home lives. 最准足球推荐 offers a flexible benefits package to allow choice among a variety of options to customize a benefits package based on individual employee/family needs.

最准足球推荐 offers comprehensive health, 愿景, 处方, 以及通过PPO计划提供牙科保险. 最准足球推荐 pays the majority of the medical premium. 雇员可以选择为配偶提供保险, 家庭伴侣(同性或异性), 或者是生病的家属, 牙科, 愿景 还有补充的人寿保险计划.

  • Vacation Leave: 15 to 20 days per year depending on position and tenure
  • 福利假:每年10天

13 days each year, including most federal holidays and personal floating holidays. We also provide a paid winter break during the last week in December for our employees to relax and recharge.

Most 国家野生动物联盟 employees start their day between 8 and 10 a.m. Lots of employees work a standard 40-hour work week. 但是最准足球推荐认识到每个人都是不同的. 最准足球推荐尽量保持灵活性. 与团队合作, you can customize your work schedule to meet the particular demands of your job.

  • 递延税款年金403(b): Employees can join immediately with immediate vesting. 最准足球推荐 matches up to 3% immediately, 4% after three years and 5% after five years. After your first employment anniversary employees are eligible for an Employer Contribution equal to 2% of annual salary at year-end, 不管员工的贡献. The contribution is subject to a graded vesting schedule.
  • 学费报销:员工最多可领取1美元,500 in tax-free 教育al assistance for undergrad or grad-level courses, 每年.
  • 灵活的支出: Includes the option of a medical and/or dependent care account.
  • AD&D(意外死亡 & 解体)保险: One and half times annual salary up to $400,000, all paid by the 国家野生动物联盟
  • 人寿保险: One and half times annual salary up to $400,000, all paid by the 国家野生动物联盟.
  • 短期残疾: Employees receive 50%-100% of their pay paid by the 国家野生动物联盟 depending on length of disability.
  • 长期残疾:员工得到他们工资的60%
  • 员工援助计划: Provides confidential short-term counseling services for employees and their families in a variety of areas including stress management, 法律或财务问题, alcohol and drug abuse; and information on elder care, 家庭及最准足球推荐. Offers Personal Health 合作伙伴 that lends a hand with many aspects of family healthcare.
  • 带薪产假: 最准足球推荐 provides paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child.
  • 信贷监控: If you want someone else to monitor your credit report and restore your identity if it is ever stolen (hopefully, 它不会!),它可以完成,在一个群体的速度.
  • 交通工具的好处: Employees can select a pre-tax payroll deduction for the purchase of a SmartBenefits fare card for commuting to and from work on D.C. 都会区公共交通
  • 补充人寿保险: Employees may purchase additional life insurance in an amount ranging from half to five times the employee’s salary, 最高20万美元. You can even purchase life insurance for your dependents
  • 宠物保险: Because sometimes the most important person in your life isn’t a person, you can get a 10% discount off normal rates.
  • Membership in 最准足球推荐: For the convenience of the 国家野生动物联盟 staff who wish to make membership donations to the 国家野生动物联盟, employees can request that their chosen donation amount be divided into incremental payroll deductions over the course of the year.

最准足球推荐的利益远远超出传统. 把最准足球推荐的党, for example—where we get silly with photo booths—or games like corn hole and table tennis. 或者参加最准足球推荐一年一度的辣椒烹饪大赛, 或者最准足球推荐的"骑车上班日"冰淇淋派对, or maybe even a wildlife scavenger hunt or nature walk. 最准足球推荐甚至还有按摩师! These examples are ways we strive to make our workplace comfortable, 有趣的, and one that builds a sense of community and 包容性.


通过奖学金计划, the 国家野生动物联盟 brings students and recent graduates to its offices nationwide, where they can experience many aspects of the 国家野生动物联盟's conservation mission, 包括对濒危物种的研究, 土地管理工作, 保护最准足球推荐国家的水资源. Departments benefiting from the skills Fellowships provide include conservation, 教育, 慈善事业, 通信, 法律, 和出版物. These paid Fellowship opportunities are 48 weeks in duration and full-time, at 40 hours per week.

Working side-by-side with knowledgeable professionals and receiving support from the fellowship coordinator, fellows develop a variety of professional and personal life skills. Fellowship projects support commonsense conservation in communities and throughout the nation. By encouraging innovative ideas and multicultural perspectives, the 国家野生动物联盟 provides a gateway through which fellows can launch an effective career in conservation and strengthen the environmental movement at the same time. 此外, by diversifying our organization through the contributions of interns from a variety of backgrounds, the 国家野生动物联盟 (and ultimately the conservation community) is learning important lessons for making conservation relevant and effective in the 21st century.

A conservation fellowship with the 国家野生动物联盟 is a separate program from our EcoLeaders Fellowship program, which offers the chance to apply skills to practical campus projects.


In addition to the perks and privileges of being a 国家野生动物联盟 Fellow, 还有医学上的, 牙科, 和节日福利.

These benefits apply to “Benefit-Eligible Fellowships.” See below for an explanation of Benefit-Eligible Fellowships. Enrollment in the 国家野生动物联盟 benefit program is effective the first of the month following employment.

最准足球推荐 offers comprehensive health, 愿景, 处方, 以及通过PPO计划提供牙科保险. 最准足球推荐 pays the majority of the medical premium. 雇员可以选择为配偶提供保险, 家庭伴侣(同性或异性), 或者是生病的家属, 牙科, 愿景, 还有补充的人寿保险计划.

  • 假期:每年13天
  • 带薪浮动假期:每研究员5天
  • 福利假:每年5天
  • 员工援助计划(EAP)
  • 交通工具的好处: SmartBenefits and Bicycle Commuter Reimbursement
  • 员工信用合作社
  • 自然目录
  • 商品折扣
  • 免费的野生动物杂志


In addition to our 48-week Fellowship program, the 国家野生动物联盟 offers an internship program for students who are currently in high school or are pursuing an undergraduate college degree. These paid internships offer structured work experiences to students, 还有一些额外津贴, including relevant and professional work experience, 技能发展, 专业的联系, 简历增强, and an opportunity to assess their own interests and skills. 实习 with the 国家野生动物联盟 can be any length, and may include summer assignments or opportunities throughout the school year. Although an internship with the 国家野生动物联盟 does not offer benefits, we guarantee our interns will have a great learning experience.

  • High school or college students may apply for internships. Graduates and graduate students may apply for fellowships. Students from all fields of study are encouraged to apply.
  • Former Campus Ecology Fellows become eligible for an internship a year after the fellowship ends.
  • Applicants are selected based on a variety of measures, 包括职业目标, 课程, 工作经验, 简历及求职信, 平均绩点, 还有专业/学术推荐信.
  • Candidates should demonstrate commitment to and experience working with multi-cultural communities, 环境正义与多样性.

Due to the high volume of applications, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. 在这里寻找实习机会.


最准足球推荐's EcoLeaders Fellows confront climate change on their campuses and help to educate and engage the campus community on climate change impacts and solutions. Learn more about EcoLeaders fellowship opportunities.



超过三分之一的美国人.S. fish and wildlife species are at risk of extinction in the coming decades. We're on the ground in seven regions across the country, collaborating with 52 州和地区附属机构 to reverse the crisis and ensure wildlife thrive.